Weekly Seminar

Weak Lensing, Thermal SZ Effect and Baryons : Attempts to consolidate theory and data

Dr. Alireza Hojjatiدکتر حجتی

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of British Columbia

Tuesday 28/02/95, 15 – 16

Ibn Al-haytham Hall, Physics Department



Department News

SBU and ICTP Federation agreement has been extended

SBU Department of physics has been selected again to be an ICTP Federated Institute.

For more information see: http://assoc.ictp.it/federation-scheme

Comming soon: SBU and Trieste University agreement

On 5th of August 2015 it was a meeting between president of Trieste University and Vice-chair for researches and technology of physics department of SBU. Accordingly, it was supposed that scientific agreement containing the exchange program for PhD students not only in physics but also in various field of researches of both sides will be started.


Comming soon: SBU and Camerino University agreement

SBU and UCAS scientific negotiation

According to recent negotiation of SBU and University of Chinese of Academy of Sciences, some facilities for exchange the PhD students and visiting programs have been provided.

For more information see (UCAS)


SBU and KAZAN Federal University agreement

A Scientific agreement has been established between Department of Physics & KAZAN Federal University, Russia.

For more information see (Persian) (Russia) (English)


SBU and ICTP federation agreement

A federation agreement between physics department of Shahid Beheshti University and ICTP has been established.

To find the instruction for application see (Instruction1, Instruction2)

Form1 (Download)

Form2 (Download)

For more information see: http://assoc.ictp.it/federation-scheme