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News and Events

International Conference on Structure, Tectonics and Earthquakes In the

Alborz- Zagros- Makran Region

Conference Date: 23-25 May 2015

Venue: Geological Survey of Iran

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SBU-KAZAN Scientific agreement

A Scientific agreement has been established between Department of Physics And KAZAN federal University, Russia.


7th conference on statistical physics

Soft Condensed matter and Complex Systems,

Zanjan University

27 Azar 1393 (18 December 2014)

School of gravity and cosmology

Shahid Beheshti University

SBU 28 Aban 1393 (Wednesday, November 19, 2014)



Meeting on research in physics

SBU 27 Azar 1392 (Wednesday, ‎December ‎18, ‎2013)

 Program (Download)

6th conference on Statistical physics,

soft condensed matter and Complex Systems,

Shahid Beheshti University

SBU 21 Azar 1392 (12 December 2013)


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Computational Physics conference,

Shahid Rajaei University,

30 Dey 1392 (20 January 2014)


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