A few applications of Liquid Crystals

Mohammad Mohammadimasoudi

Research Institute for Basic Sciences

Saturday, 3rd of Aban 99, 16:30-17:30 pm

Venue: Google Meet


Nowadays, liquid crystals (LCs) are extensively used in electronic displays. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have been widely used in cell phones, car navigations, laptop computers, desktop monitors, projectors and TVs. Due to their unique optical properties LCs may play an important role in photonic applications such as tunable filters, tunable laser cavities, tunable focus lenses, spatial light modulators, and diffraction gratings for various applications such as laser beam steering, adaptive optics, lasers and optical communications. In addition, LC as an organic material is promising due to versatility in molecular design: relative ease of synthesis, characterization and processing.

LC molecules are available in various types and phases. In this project, nematic and chiral nematic LC (CLC) are both used to fabricate thin film polarizer and optical filter, widely tunable optical filter with microsecond switching time and a microsecond-range optical shutter for unpolarized light.

Another interesting material system that I focus on for optical applications is based on nanorods (NRs). Semiconductor NRs have anisotropic light absorption and light emission properties. When these NRs can be collectively aligned, they may be applied in polarized emitters, polarized fluorescent sheets or polarization-selective detectors. Figure 1 illustrates a number of fabricated optical films based on the use of LC and NRs.