Electromagnetism in daily life

دکتر-بيانيDr. Hossein Bayani

Tehran Science & Research Branch, ISU

Tuesday 24/09/94, 15 – 16

Ibn Al-haytham Hall, Physics Department


Years ago, a student of mine asked a very reasonable question when the course of electromagnetism was over:

“We studied electromagnetism for two semesters  ….  many physical laws as Coulomb law, Gauss’s law, Fields, Potentials, Faraday’s Induction, Maxwell law and etc.  How I wish there was an opportunity for us to see the laws in practice … to understand their applicability ….. and their usefulness. “

I decided to prepare some simple experiments to answer some part of his question.

Let’s review the most fundamental and applicable laws of electromagnetism experimentally through some simple performances and see the application of them in our daily life.