Exclusive process at the CMS, and a Timing detector for the forward Physics

Dr. Mohsen khakzad

Research Institute for Basic Sciences

Tuesday, 11 Ordibehesht 97, 15:15-16:15 pm

Ibn Al-Haytham Hall, Physics Department


“In the first part of my talk, I will review the recent work on the Exclusive pi-pi. This study is the measurement of the exclusive and semi-exclusive production of the charged pions at the LHC using the CMS detector. The dipion cross section and the differential cross section as a function of different kinematics are compared with the phenomenological predictions.

In second part, I will discuss the development of a timing detector which is based on fused silica (quartz) Cherenkov radiators readout with micro channel plate photomultipliers (MCP-PMTs) or silicon photomultiplier (SiPMs) for high precision timing (sigma_t = 10-15 ps).