H_0 Tension and Cosmological Standard Model

Mohammad Mahdi Sheikh-Jabbari
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

Saturday, December 5th, 16:00-17:00 pm

Venue: Google Meet


In this talk, I briefly review the cosmic Hubble expansion and that various  cosmological observations  have led to the standard model of cosmology. Mismatches in the values of Hubble parameter from local astrophysical measurements and those inferred within the framework of the standard model of cosmology,  has given rise to the “Hubble tension”. This tension, if real and of cosmological origin, puts the cosmological background of the standard model, the flat Lambda-CDM model, into question. I discuss different viewpoints and approaches to the Hubble tension with the emphasis on my own point of view,  some of the proposed resolutions and the prospects  from the near future observations.