Current Visitors:

Past Visitors:

Name: Shunda Chen
From: Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems, University Of Insubria, Como, Italy.
Research Interest: Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems (Thermal Transport).
Host: Complex Systems Group, 13 April 2015

Name: Tiberiu Harko
From: University College, London, UK.
Research Interest: Relativity & Cosmology.
Host: Gravity Group , 9-23 Jun 2012
Email: harko at

Name: Shehu AbdsSalam
PhD: 2009, University of Cambridge
From: Sapienza University of Rome, INFN Rome, Italy.
Research Interest: Bayesian fit of SUSY models; supersymmetry breaking phenomenology, implications for collider & dark matter search experiments.
Host: Fundamental Physics group, 1 January 2016
Office: 208