Topological Skyrmions in Antiferromagnetic Insulators

Alireza Qaiumzadeh

Center for Quantum Spintronics
Department of Physics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Saturday, 24th of Aban 99, 16:00-17:00 pm

Venue: Google Meet

In this talk, I first introduce the emerging field of antiferromagnetic (AFM) spintronics and recent experimental and theoretical advances in this field. Then, I present our recent results on the ultrafast generation of isolated AFM skyrmions, nonlinear topological solitons in magnetic systems, in a confined geometry based on atomistic spin dynamics simulations.
Finally, I will show the dynamics of single skyrmions under an applied temperature gradient. I show that although small skyrmions move towards the colder side, similar to the dynamics of classical particles, large skyrmions move towards the hotter region. To explain these results, we develop a deterministic Fokker-Planck formalism for stochastic dynamics of spins in chiral AFM insulators.