Universal Quantum Computation from Bilayer Quantum Hall States

Abolhassan Vaezi

Sharif University of Technology

Saturday, December 26th, 16:00-17:00 pm

Venue: Google Meet

Abstract: The possibility of realizing non-Abelian statistics and
utilizing it for topological quantum computation (TQC) has generated
widespread interest. However, the non-Abelian statistics that can be
realized in most accessible proposals is not powerful enough for
universal TQC. In this talk, I will consider a simple bilayer
fractional quantum Hall system with 1/3 Laughlin state in each layer.
Then I will show that a certain type of interlayer couplings which are
experimentally relevant in higher Landau levels can drive a
topological phase transition to an exotic non-Abelian state with
famous `Fibonacci’ anyon, whose non-Abelian statistics is powerful
enough for universal TQC.