Weak Lensing, Thermal SZ Effect and Baryons : Attempts to consolidate theory and data

Dr. Alireza Hojjatiدکتر حجتی

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of British Columbia

Tuesday 28/02/95, 15 – 16

Ibn Al-haytham Hall, Physics Department

Abstract :

The precision of measurements from the next generation of large scale structure surveys will reach a level where we can no longer ignore some of the interfering astrophysical effects. The failure to do so will result in bias in our cosmological inference. This sensitivity, however, can be seen as an opportunity to investigate further these degenerate phenomena.

I’ll review the impact of baryonic physics on weak lensing data, a series of measurements to study the baryons and some theoretical models to describe the observations. I’ll demonstrate the utility of these measurements in simultaneously constraining cosmology and baryon feedback.