Integrated silicon photonics and prospects for future applications

Mrs. Fatemeh Soltani

McGill University

Tuesday 95/09/30, 16 – 17

Ibn Al-haytham Hall, Physics Department

Abstract: Light has been introduced into communication networks for its preferred capabilities. It can carry information with low loss over long distances. Light also has a high bandwidth to handle very large data capacity. In the recent years there are high requests of voice, video and data through internet networks so the capacity demand of the optical networks is growing. Consequently, electronic components with higher capacity and modulation rates with low power consumption are needed to fulfill the network requests. An optical modulator is an inevitable part of any optical link to convert electrical data into an optical format. Many researchers have worked to lower the power consumption of modulators. Silicon photonics platform is the most promising candidate allowing high density integration and high volumes production. The carrier injection in a pn diode structure enables the modulation of light in silicon. The devices based on the electro-optic effect have the potential to provide even higher modulation. Hybrid EO polymer and silicon photonic devices combine the low power consumption and large EO coefficient of polymers with the small footprint silicon photonics and have the potential to enable devices with high modulation efficiency and large bandwidth. In addition to telecommunication and datacom, EO modulators may also find applications to incorporate the optical modulators in high bandwidth fiber and wireless communication devices, video transmission and radio frequency distribution, ultrafast analog to digital converter, optical detection and radar systems.

Bio: Ms. Fatemeh Soltani is PhD student in Electrical Engineering, Photonics – Optical telecommunication at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She got her M.Sc. in Physics, Solid state − Experimental Condensed Matter and Nanofabrication from University of Victoria (UVic), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (2010). She done her B.Sc. in Physics, Solid state − Experimental electron microscopy in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran (2007). Her research projects are focused on optical devices and systems, short-reach and optical interconnects design, optical telecommunications, nanophotonics, hybrid electro-optic devices, MEMS based devices and clean room fabrication. She is also currently working as senior optical engineer R&D in research for algorithms and analytics at Lumentum (previously JDS Uniphase corporation), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is experienced with coherent transmission products, InP and LiNBO3 modulators, SG-DBR lasers and free space optics.